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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Get up.
New opportunity.
New chance to change your life...or someone else's.

Today I will make things happen for myself.
Small things like change the filters in my central air unit
Big things like finally figure out my life plan
and all the rest that falls in between

Today I will beat back the voices that whisper nonsense
and negativity
even if they like they can shout
My determination will drown them out.

Today I will sing a new song
Maybe gospel...
Maybe Mary J...Yeah, Mary...because I do plan to work what I've got!

Today I will sweat out the toxins
Inhale the fresh air
And laugh from way down deep.

Today I will love like I can't get hurt
Today I will believe in miracles
Today I will believe in me
Today I will look at my face and smile
knowing that I am beautiful
knowing that I rock

Today O!
Today O!

What are you going to do today...?

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