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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 The Mrs Club

December 11, 2007
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Atlanta, GA

MRS. CLUB: Getting in is one thing, Staying in is another

The Mrs. Club is the Nigerian Chic- Literature of all times! A book that has all the elements of a standard chick-lit novel: Three trendy Nigerian women, their quest to find a man to marry & their quest to stay married.

A book by Ekene Onu puts a new spin on published literature for the trendy sophisticated Nigerian Woman.

According to the New York Times:
“From Mumbai to Milan, Gdansk to Jakarta, regional Varieties of Chick Lit have been sprouting, buoyed by the demographic that’s both their subject and readership: 20 and 30 something years old women with full time jobs, discretionary income and a hunger for independence and Glamour.”

With the rise of Modern Day Chick Literature, Ekene has put Nigeria on the map with this well written book.

Ekene Onu is a thirty something writer who was raised in Nigeria and currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. She is the founder and editor of Nouveau Africana and the Mrs. Club is her first book.

The power of this book is Ekene Onu’s characters (Titi, Amaka and Mina) and the fact that every Nigerian Woman can relate to their experiences on the quest to find that true man or the quest to tame that Naija man. Another strength Ekene has pulled from is her writing style, which pulls its reader into the book and thus making you feel that you are indeed part of the Mrs. Club!

Here are some excerpts from the book:

“My problem is I haven’t quite found proper husband material and, for me, husband material means not just good looks, but also money and prestige. And when I say money I mean a lot of it. That’s right, I’m not saying I’m a gold digger; but hey, a woman has to keep up or at least improve her lifestyle! Look, I don’t believe in faking the funk. I am a straight-up person and there is no shame in my game; so yes, I am looking for a husband but he better be rich, African and fabulous!”

“He was sexy, smart, and polished to perfection. He held my hands and played with my fingers. He told me that I was amazing, that he found me attractive, very sexy; he confessed that he really wanted to book a room for the night and invite me to share it with him.
I said nothing because my throat had become so dry and besides, I couldn’t trust myself. I knew that if he pulled me into his arms right then and there, I wouldn’t have the strength to resist. I was looking at his lips as he talked; this man was beautiful. He turned me on with his words as well. I mean he made me feel like I was the only woman worth knowing. He told me that he had never had a conversation like this with anyone, and that I really got him and he felt for the first time in his life like he had made a real connection. He said he thought that he finally had a small understanding of the word soul mate.”

“The truth is I don’t enjoy sex with my husband. He slobbers all over me and has no idea how to please me in bed. At best it’s a clumsy effort at going down and at worst it’s a sweaty attempt at hitting it, while I lie there praying for him to come already. Yes, clearly, Obinna doesn’t do it for me. There is no chemistry for me.
So why did I marry him? Because I saw a man with potential, a man who was rough but teachable and I went for it, love be damned.”

The Mrs. Club is a must read and will be available in stores across Lagos, the UK, the USA & Canada in February of 2008.

An exclusive book signing will be held in Lagos in the second week of January and some advanced copy of this well-written book will be made available at the event.

For more information on the Mrs. Club, The Book Signing, or Press Matters, please contact Bobby Taylor at

To receive more information about the book, please visit the website

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