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Thursday, September 13, 2007 I keep on falling


I keep on falling

Jeffrey was all I could think about since I met him. I was hopelessly infatuated. He appeared to be everything I wanted. Tall, handsome, Igbo, intellectual, sexy and he wanted me. That was the icing on the cake.

He was the kind of man I always thought was out of my league. I remember when we were in college, Mina was considered the fine one, Titi the sexy one and I was just one of the Naija girls. Actually on campus they used to call us the Nigerian sisters, because we were always together after class doing strange African things – their words not ours. We used to act crazy and crack each other up, like one day we were in our dorm lounge. We used to stalk the lounge on account that was where the TV was and on the days that the black TV shows were airing and in those days it was just A different world and the Cosby show we would camp out in the lounge to make sure that none of the remaining white students in the dorm didn’t put it on MTV or something.

So this particular day, we were waiting for our shows as usual and I can just finished drinking a can of coke, now instead of throwing it away, I began to tap it with a fork. Ting, tin, tin, ting, tin, tin, tin, tin. And then Titi started drumming on the coffee table, ba da ba, ba da ba, ba da ba, then Mina started singing loudly Omo mi ma soun were and then we joined in with the chorus to that popular Christy Essien song. We sang for a while at the top of our lungs. I guess we were really homesick, being the only Nigerians on campus. Fellow students walked by and looked at us strangely, one of the girls asked us to stop making noise, telling her companion that we were probably doing some African ritual, of course this only made us crack up and sing louder.

Before you could say jack robinson, the resident director was commanding us to stop and come into his office. There he proceeded to ask us why we were making such a racket. We said for no reason. That didn’t satisfy him and apparently he felt we were behaving very erratically because the next question he asked was whether we were on drugs and of course we laughed heartily at his suggestion. Drugs were unnecessary, we were high on life. He turned red at our laughter and obviously felt slighted, he was going to write us up for creating a disturbance. We were already almost on probation because of a phone scam we had pulled but that is another story and so we couldn’t let him write us up. So naturally Mina and Titi seduced the geeky little fellow with promises they never intended to keep and soon all talk of writing up was forgotten.

Obviously, I was not the one known for my prowess with men, so when a man like Jeffrey comes my way, it always floors me. He sent me this lovely bouquet of orange roses and invited me out for dinner on Monday. Naturally I accepted. You know I don’t usually let down my guard with men, but there’s something about this guy, I can’t lie, I’ve been dreaming about him every moment since.

I got up really early Monday and looked at myself in the mirror. It was as if I was looking at a different woman. Was my life going to be the same after today? I got dressed as I usually do, but today I put on a pretty blouse and trousers. I got made up; usually I hit work sans makeup, just moisturizer and lip balm. I smiled throughout the day. Nothing could bring me down. Not the ghetto girl who told me to go back to Africa, because I wouldn’t give her a narcotic medicine that the doctor hadn’t ordered, not the crazy white guy who called me an uppity black bitch; Nothing could bring me down, not the druggies, the welfare chicks, the pushy patients who wanted their prescriptions called in their way, right away.

I walked through the day in a haze. I checked every drug order three times, because I couldn’t concentrate. At exactly 5 o’clock, I said good night to everyone, I could care less that number of people waiting for their prescriptions seemed to have grown exponentially. They were just going to have to manage without me. I was going to meet my man!

I got home in record time, somehow the I-285 that I always took home and that was always a crawl with rush hour traffic was clear, I tell you even the roads were giving way to my romance.

I took a shower, curled my hair and then shook it out till it fell in soft cascading waves around my shoulders and down my back. I spritzed on Sarah Jessica Parker’s lovely and channeled Carrie a la sex in the city. Never mind Carrie is a blond wasp from New York, today she was dark, voluptuous and Naija.

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