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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 A short excerpt from my next book....a work in progress

I can’t stand nights like this. My mind races and I can’t rest. Never mind that I have already taken 2 sleeping pills. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Lara says I should try valium. She swears by it. “Take two darling and you’ll drift deliciously”, my dear Lara, ever the pragmatist, she self medicates for everything, black coffee for the morning, a cocktail for the afternoon and valium for the nights like this, when she looks over at her husband and tries to hold off from killing him.
Mine is snoring up a storm next to me. When we first got married, he was so concerned, he offered to have surgery. Then I was foolishly in love and I lied to him and myself about the severity of the situation. “It’s not so bad” I said. Now I wish he would go into surgery and perhaps not wake up from the anesthesia.
Well, I don’t really wish him dead, it’s just that I am so mad at him. I know he is cheating, again. I know it with every fiber of my being but I don’t have any proof. Something inside of me is just preparing me for the inevitable. I hate him because I think of my children, I so desperately wanted them to have a happy stable two parent family. I am a product of bitter divorced parents and I don’t want any child of mine to experience that hell, so I am angry at my husband for putting me and my kids in this position.
Crap, is that a spider? There you go. Serves you right for crawling around in my bedroom. Yuck, it’s a big one and it’s so disgusting. I wonder. I should just drop this insect carcass in my husband’s open mouth. I mean, with all the shit lies he’s been telling me lately, a spider carcass should fit right into the atmosphere in his mouth. Oh don’t look at me like that. You don’t know what this man has put me through. At least I am not talking about running him over. This won’t do him any harm. It’s just disgusting. Like him.
I don’t really hate him you know. I loved him deeply, but he has become such a joke. He thinks he is so smart, with his lies and his affairs. He thinks I stay with him because he’s an expert at dodging bullets. Shoot, I am just biding my time. Soon, my plan with be complete and he will truly understand that statement…Hell hath no fury, but for now, just a little spider in his mouth.

“Are you okay” I say to him, when he starts coughing. Rubbing his mouth and looking bewildered. I look at him innocently. He asks for water. I get up and pour a little from the pitcher we keep by the bed. He swallows quickly. I raise an eyebrow.
There was an old woman who swallowed a spider. I don’t know why she swallowed a spider, perhaps she’ll die.
“Do you feel better sweetie?” I ask. He nods and settles back into the bed, handing me the glass. “Thanks baby” he says. I nod in response. Foolish man. I could kill him just like that.

What do y'all think? I am still in the really early days...but so many people have sent me emails...asking when the next book is coming out? I tell them, I'm still hustling for the first one, so go and tell your friends to buy the book, the mrs club. Available on
But let me know your thoughts on the teaser. Like I said, it's really early this might end up on the cutting room floor!

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