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Wednesday, June 4, 2008 Of course...The SATC post

Ok so I was desperate to watch Sex and the City and by and large it didn’t disappoint.
There were some things I took issue with but the stellar moments made up for them.

Never underestimate the power of connection. Yes, the critics have had a field day discussing how shallow the characters are and how unbelievable their world is juxtaposed against rising gas prices and the mortgage crisis. Nonetheless women all over the US turned out for sex and the city and cheered when the theme music came on. Why? No, it’s not because women are fundamentally shallow, but because for all the in your face fashion and over the top love stories, SATC is a story about girlfriends and how your connection to other human beings keeps you sane.
Women connect to SATC for a myriad of reasons. I connect to it because they are so human, it is even a little annoying. Carrie with her drawn out, almost high schoolish relationship with the resident bad boy, Big. In truth, he will probably hurt her in big and little ways throughout the course of their relationship and she has decided to take it, not just because she believes he loves her, but because she knows she loves him and is prepared to take him as he is, the good with the bad.
If I may digress her for just a minute. I just read an interesting post on facebook that of course essentially begged the question, why do women stay when their man strayed? It was a hot topic. Many women responded, well I would kick him to the curb, others well…you know the children…and still others gave economic reasons etc. I think part of the truth is that some women simply stay because they love him and they hope for and maybe work towards a change. Somehow when a woman says I love him, it is perceived as weak and sniveling somehow, when like it or not, she is exercising her right to make a choice. So when I watched SATC, the shows as well as the movie, I found myself smiling and giving Carrie props for at least owning her choice. No need to justify it, no need to apologize for it. I love the big old selfish man just as he is.
Miranda irritates me with her difficult self and I used to think Charlotte was too marshmallowy to be real, all fluff and no substance but I think the movie gives her slightly more dimension and watching her I finally had insight to a woman I know in real life, who I used to think was very marshmallowy as well.
Samantha, what can I say, well Samantha’s story arc was the only one I wasn’t really feeling…because it didn’t ring true to me. Very few women feel fabulous a hundred and one percent of the time and at that, she clocked 50 and looked old on screen so I felt even momentary angst about eye sag or the odd wrinkle would have been more real, instead the producers botoxed up her emotions, leaving very little evidence of a real 50 year old’s emotions.

All in all. I love SATC. Always have, always will, have the box set, won’t mind getting another one. Maybe one day, we can have a Mrs Club movie and it will be just as visually appealing if slightly more in depth!

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