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Thursday, October 25, 2007 Porous brains


Porous Brains

I just don’t know how some women can be so foolish. Imagine my friend Katya carrying some young Caribbean girl to come and be a nanny in her house. How can any reasonable woman take petrol and matches and put them in the same place and then start complaining when a fire breaks out? Katya’s problem is that she is biracial. Her mother is German and her father is Nigerian and so somehow she thinks the rules don’t apply to her. She and her husband just got married a couple of years ago and had a baby. Now of course Katya has a solid career in finance. She is a VP at Citibank. One of several I know, but still she is doing pretty well. Her hubby is a lawyer. Well he was a lawyer, but recently he decided that he wanted to take some time off to pursue his passion which was writing. So this man who just had a baby and has all these bills to pay, because naturally they have a hefty mortgage and the car notes on the S class and the M class are no jokes either, decides that he needs to take the time off now.

Katya was of course pissed off. But she felt like she couldn’t do anything about it, her baby was only a couple of weeks old at the time and she didn’t have the energy. If Obinna tried that passion nonsense on me, I would have taught him that his passion better be making money, just like my passion is spending it. Baby or no baby, when your house is on fire, you better have enough energy to douse it, otherwise, you might find yourself sleeping on the streets!

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I just fell ...hard


Still falling

At some point during the evening, after Jeffrey had fed me pork tenderloin and chocolate bread pudding with his fingers, I felt for certain that this was all just raps. I mean the romance factor was through the roof. I banished the thought as soon as it came, because truth be told I no longer cared, the whole thing felt so damned good. We were having such a wonderful conversation and I had had a little bit of wine, actually I had stopped counting after the third glass. We didn’t notice the restaurant emptying out, until the maître d’ came over to ask us if we would be much longer. I looked around, no one else was there and the staff was actually clearing tables. Jeffrey immediately settled the check and left a hundred dollar tip.

It had been such an intoxicating night that when we got up to leave, I could barely manage my stilettos, let alone my car. So he did what any gentleman would do. He drove me home. I was not too far gone to notice that he drove a very nicely set up Range Rover. I nestled into the plush leather and started to drift off as we listened to music. Thankfully he had a navigation system and didn’t need any directions from me. Soon we arrived at my house and I vaguely remember him walking me to the house, but as I leaned into him, I remember thinking that his cologne smelt citrusy. He took me to my bedroom, took off my boots and my cardigan and lay me in my bed. After which I drifted back to sleep and dreamt of weddings on the beach.

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Friday, October 19, 2007 falling deeper

Jeffery called and said to meet him at Babette’s café, a French restaurant in Atlanta noted for its romantic ambiance and good food. I got there just in time, and he was already waiting. Looking incredibly good in chocolate slacks and a chocolate cashmere pullover, with chocolate loafers, this man had style. I was so glad I had put on my dark rinse dolce and gabbana jeans, a find in a size 14. These jeans make my hips and thighs look more Beyonce and less Monique. I topped it with a bustier style camisole and tie front cardigan. As soon as he saw me, he started to walk towards me. I tried my best to walk extra sexy in my casadei stiletto booties, which I’d found on clearance from

When I got close enough he pulled me into his arms and kissed me on my mouth. If the date had ended right there and then the kiss would have been enough. I don’t know where I found the self control to act like a lady and go into the restaurant and start and finish the date. We walked in and were immediately seated.

Jeffrey perused the menu like a pro, and then when the waiter came he conversed easily in French. He ordered in French and even picked out the wine to go with our meal. It was an exercise in elegance, even though I knew that it was probably all for my benefit. If Titi were here she would be chanting “Effects!” It was so obvious he was clearly trying to affect me with his sophistication. I knew his moves were probably game but I also knew I wanted to play.

We talked about everything under the sun: politics in Nigeria, love in America and yes, sex. He seemed to be amazed at the easy way I spoke about sex. According to him, most girls he knew acted all ‘holier than thou’ when it came to sex. I smiled; that used to be me. In fact I was a virgin till twenty three. I know, either way its crazy. To have held out that long, or to have given up and not waited till marriage. Such is my life, stuck in the middle and you know what’s even crazier? I didn’t give up my virginity to some man I thought was the love of my life. No, it was some random dude I dated for a short while after college. I just got so conflicted about my faith and everyone I knew was having sex, even some members of the church I used to attend then. I felt like I was behind and backwards and just wanted to get it over and done with. So I did. Since then, it's like I am not the same person. As far as my faith is concerned, well I believe in principle but I don’t know if you could say I am living as a Christian. To be completely honest well, when I looked over at Jeffrey, I was glad I had rid myself of any such restrictions, because clearly a man like him would not have a relationship where sex wasn’t involved and I was so ready to have a relationship with him.

He told me about his business in Nigeria. He had set up a law practice and was dabbling in Oil and gas. Clearly he had been quite successful, but his present sabbatical was not just to further his intellectual education but to take a break from the life he had and explore new options. When he said that he had a twinkle in his eye and reached over and touched my hand, and that was when the conversation really got hot and heavy.

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