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Monday, October 19, 2009 The Land of Mad men and other Divas

So I decided to come back here and separate church and state. Still blogging about faith and life at but will also blog here about other stuff.

Anyway so I like to watch tv, always have. Folks used to call me square eyes. So one of the things I thought I'd talk about here was TV and popular culture.

So my favorite show this season was Mad Men and yes, Jon Hamm had everything to do with it. Daggone...Can I just say he is delicious. Now I don't even usually go for white men (no prejudice, I've just always liked chocolate) and the few that have caught my eye have turned out to be gay so there you have it, but Jon Hamm is words. (Still love you babe...but I'm married not dead!)

However here is the interesting dark secret about my fascination with him, I think I might just be into his character Don Draper and not just his good looks.
So for those of you who don't watch the show, Don Draper is an ad executive, (the whole show is set in the 60s) and he is married with kids, to a very beautiful if inaccessible princess called Betty, or bets. Anyway Don has a penchant for women, a philanderer of the highest order. Although the thing of it is, he doesn't seem to be overly enthused by them, just kind of drawn to them to fill some sort of void. I can't even begin to psychoanalyze him. I'll leave that to y'all. It's funny I have talked to a number of people about him and they all have different reactions. I have noticed that most Naija's will call him out as a cheat but attach no moral significance to that assessment, it simply is what it is...I guess we have really conditioned ourselves to accept infidelity as part of life.

Meanwhile...Are there any stylists in the house...Awon Ms Bluntremi and co can you guys please help this woman out?

I mean surely not everything in her closet is short and body hugging. Just once I'd like to see her in, oh say wide leg pants or a slouchy sweater? I mean she does have the curves but give us some variety! And the same goes for all of y'all who might be stuck in a rut. I think I am going to try on a red haired wig or something today...Yep, just call me candy...

Anyway chicas,
I'm just saying...Be well. God bless.

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