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Thursday, October 25, 2007 Porous brains


Porous Brains

I just don’t know how some women can be so foolish. Imagine my friend Katya carrying some young Caribbean girl to come and be a nanny in her house. How can any reasonable woman take petrol and matches and put them in the same place and then start complaining when a fire breaks out? Katya’s problem is that she is biracial. Her mother is German and her father is Nigerian and so somehow she thinks the rules don’t apply to her. She and her husband just got married a couple of years ago and had a baby. Now of course Katya has a solid career in finance. She is a VP at Citibank. One of several I know, but still she is doing pretty well. Her hubby is a lawyer. Well he was a lawyer, but recently he decided that he wanted to take some time off to pursue his passion which was writing. So this man who just had a baby and has all these bills to pay, because naturally they have a hefty mortgage and the car notes on the S class and the M class are no jokes either, decides that he needs to take the time off now.

Katya was of course pissed off. But she felt like she couldn’t do anything about it, her baby was only a couple of weeks old at the time and she didn’t have the energy. If Obinna tried that passion nonsense on me, I would have taught him that his passion better be making money, just like my passion is spending it. Baby or no baby, when your house is on fire, you better have enough energy to douse it, otherwise, you might find yourself sleeping on the streets!

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