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Thursday, July 12, 2007 love can be so cold


The good life-part 2

The truth is I don’t enjoy sex with my husband. He slobbers all over me and has no idea how to please me in bed. At best it’s a clumsy effort at going down and at worst it’s a sweaty attempt at hitting it, while I lie there praying for him to come already. Yes, clearly, Obinna doesn’t do it for me. There is no chemistry for me. So why did I marry him? Because I saw a man with potential, a man who was rough but teachable and I went for it, love be damned.

I pushed him to be successful, every time he wanted to settle I made him work harder. When he was thinking about specializing, I pushed for surgery; when he wanted to do general, I pushed for cardio-thoracic. I knew he had the brains and skills, he just lacked the motivation. I built him up. I buffed him and taught him about the finer things in life and every day, I push him just a little bit more.

Like with this house; Obinna was reluctant to buy it, he felt it was really more than he could afford. I told him that one million five was really not too bad for a house; after all if he were in New York wouldn’t he have to pay that just to live decently? He felt it was an unnecessary expenditure.

I disagreed. I know what I am used to and a swimming pool, eight thousand square feet, a gourmet kitchen with a subzero and Viking range just about brings me close. He told me he was thinking more about a three to four thousand square ft house, but who wants to live in a shoe box? Not me, I’m a woman who knows her worth and I am worth it. Decorating the house cost us quite a bit of money, but it looks divine. In fact one of the editors of Atlanta Lifestyle magazine called me, asking if they could feature our home. Of course the answer was yes, after all it is important that people see what true taste is, if only so they can have something to aspire to.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some lazy woman who sits at home eating bonbons. No way! Obinna is not the only one working hard. First off, I keep my body together. After 4 years, I can still fit into my wedding dress, which was a size two. So many women completely let themselves go once they get married. I bumped into an old girlfriend in the grocery store and she looked absolutely horrific. She had gained at least thirty pounds, her hair was a complete mess, it looked like she hadn’t seen the inside of a salon for months and she didn’t have a stitch of make-up on and, my word, she really needed it. Mind you this was a woman whose premarital wardrobe was like a designer sample sale and she used to have a standing appointment at Nseya, one of the hot hair salons in town. I tell you honestly some women just don’t try. It’s like Amaka. Yes, she has a generous figure but with a little control she could probably be curvy like Beyonce or Halle or someone, but she refuses to control her eating. She is constantly eating rice or bread or something completely detrimental to looking good. It’s not easy looking like I do as I forgo carbohydrates and spend hours in the gym but I don’t mind, because I believe a woman should maintain her best assets.

Furthermore, while I may not have a traditional 9 to 5, I do work. I sit on several nonprofit boards and this allows me to hob nob with the crème de la crème of Atlanta society. Obinna and I have helped raise over one million dollars for various charities and organizations. My goal is to position him for public office one day; I can just see myself as a first lady. Maybe governor or maybe we start small with Mayor or something. That reminds me, I have to make sure we are invited to the Governor’s Ball this year. I wonder who I have to schmooze to make sure that happens.

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