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Sunday, August 5, 2007 Titi - the spin doctor


Another day, another dollar

I swear if I show another house to this my ‘come today, come tomorrow’ couple, I will just scream. The man feels his level is around $300k, but the woman keeps making us see homes in the $500k range. But I even show them houses in the $600k range. I am no fool, I have noted the wife’s Vuitton purse and Cartier watch, while the hubby is in Dockers and citizen. The kicker is that she’s a stay at home wife O! I tell you, monkey dey work, baboon dey chop. Anyway, I have seen their pre-qualification papers and the guy makes fairly decent money and has great credit, so they can probably do around $700k in a pinch. Naturally the woman wants to live around the black gold coast in South Dekalb area. I showed them some of the decent subdivisions, like Water’s Edge and such, but Madam wanted to see the more moneyed places like GreenRidge and even million dollar haunts like Sandstone and Belair estates. What’s my own? Ask me and I will show you because the way I see it, this woman is going to force her hubby into a high priced home and cars and lifestyle, so while they qualify today, they’ll probably be facing foreclosure tomorrow, but that’s not my business, I’ll still get my commission check so I’m totally with the wife. In fact today I showed them the ritzy Thurgood Estates subdivision. Starting from the $800’s in Ellenwood, it was right up Madam’s alley. She could just picture herself in the houses with the marble floors and the media room. She even asked the onsite realtor if they could put in swimming pools, I swear her husband farted in shock and boy was it a stinker!

It was definitely one of those days and I’m just glad to finally be home and soaking myself in my garden tub. It’s on days like this that I appreciate my condo. Sure it’s not a ritzy 6000sq ft mansion, but it’s cozy and comfortable for me. Sure one day, with the right man, I too will be pushing a loaded Range Rover while I ferry my kids to private school, and maybe I’ll work for the fun of it, but until that time, I no dey craze, I work hard, and keep a little money away for emergencies. I don’t play with money. I have no intention of being poor. I know what poverty is. My mother used to sell roasted corn and groundnut on the streets back home in Nigeria. Fortunately I was pretty smart so I managed to get into the prestigious Queens Academy for secondary school, which is where I met Mina, although even she doesn’t know that my mum used to sell local snacks on the side of the road. She thinks my mum was a business woman. Ok that’s what I told her. It wasn’t a lie! After all, selling roasted corn no be business?

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