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Thursday, May 15, 2008 Nanny less and loving it.

For now anyway. So I had to let my nanny a few days ago. Chick was freaking me out. She was super fantastic with my daughters laundry and kept her room organized but I am convinced she was coaching my daughter to call her Mummy in my absence. Even when I explicitly asked her not to. Also my daughter didn't seem comfortable. After almost having an anxiety attack at work when I couldn't reach them in the house, I decided that paranoid delusions or not, this was not healthy. Wetin, all my spider senses were on alert.

So now, na me and madam and she is loving it. She ran round the house chanting, Sina and mummy, sina and mummy. So I put her in the montessori program that she had been attending part time, full time and yes, she might be exposed to more colds and infections, (one kid in her class had scarlet fever!) at least I know that they won't run away with my child!

This Nanny wahala no easy and quite frankly I am tired. I think maybe I am done. It's just that man pikin's work schedule is brutal. Sha O, I have a plan....I just need the, is it five or six winning numbers...and I'll be all good.

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