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Monday, May 19, 2008 The status of your bag or the state of your mind

It’s a question of faith over fashion. Although some of us think it’s about fashion over faith. Nigerian women are among the most fashionable women in the world. The society women are constantly focusing on their wardrobe. Do you have the latest French lace, the new kind of aso-oke, Have you seen the new season of Chanel, or the hottest it bag?
The pressures some women face in today’s society, trying to fit in to this fashion oriented climate are enough to intimidate even the toughest of us, quite simply put, Naija babes dey oppress.
I’ll never forget an experience I had when I visited Lagos one Christmas period. I had decided to have my nails done at an upscale nail salon in Victoria Island. When I walked in, I was struck by how well put together the clientele were. In every seat, there was a very chic woman, whether she was tall or short, fat or thin, short do or unbeweaveable, they looked quite fabulous and then they had one other thing in common - The status handbag. Next to every woman, there sat in a chair, a purse that cost almost as much as one terms school fees at an expensive private school. They went by different names…Gucci, Vuitton, Prada etc. Each woman held it as proudly as her wedding ring.
As I later learnt the status bag was used as a entrance to a certain level of society, at least on a superficial level. Before certain women would talk to you they check you out, a silent list is checked off in their heads. Hair – check (no rugged afrocentric looks for this bunch, unless of course you happen to be a well known artist, but for the rest of us, well maintained and up to date fashion wise, weave is more than acceptable, but don’t bring that cheap Chinese shine over here, we prefer our hair, virgin, Indian, Spanish or brazilian and we like to pay too much for it) Clothes – check ( well fitting, fashion conscious) Shoes – check (again, fashionable and not too worn) then there is the bag, their eyes go straight to it, can it be called by a name, is it real or fake? Is it first, second or third tier? I tell you the requirements can be mindboggling.

Me, myself…I won’t lie, I have a penchant for bags. Though for me it’s not necessarily about the name, its more about the design and quality. I have to love it. So I buy what I like, within reason of course. Occasionally I put myself on restriction. I say, self, if you cannot express yourself for under a certain price then just forget it and for the most part I stick to it, but I may splurge about once a year, if it seems like more to some people, it’s only because I keep all my bags in rotation and I tend to favor styles that are not overly trendy, so they never look old.

However, I often wonder, how the choice to carry a certain designer, should matter in a person’s evaluation. The idea that because you can spend a good to ridiculous amount of money on a frivolous item somehow makes you a worthy person; A friend of mine shared with her conversation with a popular socialite.
“Hello” my friend said as she walked up to her.
“Hello” she said, then noting the accent she added “You are from America?”
“Yes” my friend said not knowing the first check had already happened.
“My name is X” she said.
“Is that from the new prada line?” The socialite asked.
“Eh no” My friend said. Said friend would never ever spend money on prada or any other designer, not because she doesn’t have money, she is probably one of the higher net worth people that I know actually, it just goes against her walmart principles.
“Is it prada?” she asked again.
“Er, no” my friend responded.
“Ok, what is it? Balenciaga?”
“No, it’s just a bag.” My friend said exasperated.
The socialite was quiet for a while and then after looking my friend up and down. Simply got up and walked away, before she left she said “I thought it was a Prada”
Check – definitely not!

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Smile...the world is full of reasons to be happy!

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