The Mrs Club
Saturday, June 16, 2007 Our search for love

Smart, Sexy and Successful!

These three Naija girls living in America have everything to offer. So why is it so hard becoming and staying a member of the coveted Mrs. Club.

Sexy and Scandalous Titi is determined to have a better future than her past and the way she sees it, the only path to that future is to marry and marry well. She is seeking for Mr perfect. Handsome, uber-rich and able to make waves in the bedroom!

Sweet and Smart Amaka has always been successful at day to day life, but when it comes to men, she is often left standing by the wall while everyone else takes a spin on the dance floor. When she meets Jeffrey, an incredibly fine and charming stranger from Lagos, could he be the man of her dreams?

Sharp and Savvy Mina has always had the upper hand in her relationships. If there was anything her mother taught her well it was that love was for fools. Marriage is simply a tool to get the life she wants and her husband simply a man to be tolerated.

Mina, Amaka and Titi think they have everything under control. Until life throws those curveballs that push them to their individual limits. They’ll have to pull together as friends and grow as women to figure out how to get into and remain in the Mrs. Club!

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